Monday, September 1, 2008


It's an annual tradition for my college roommate to come and visit over the Labor Day weekend.  We always have a nice visit and usually do something arty while she is here.  One year we worked with polymer clay and another year we made beaded golf counters.  This year we worked on Kumihimo bracelets.  One of my TN friends, taught me how to do Kumihimo when we were in Gatlinburg in June.  Kumihimo is very relaxing and I think I have hooked my roommate and another friend.  We are heading to the bead store in Erie tomorrow to hunt for Kumihimo supplies.  It is hard to find bead caps that are fat enough to handle the thickness of the beaded braid.  Also, the cord and the board are not something that can be found easily.  Since the bead store offers Kumihimo classes, I'm hoping that they offer the supplies to sell.  My friends are joking that when I see them next, they'll have hundreds of pieces for me to finish with the metal end caps and toggles.  Sad, thing is, they are probably not kidding.    I'll post some pictures of the bracelets in a couple of days.  I may end up making my own end caps and definitely my own toggles.  

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