Friday, September 4, 2009

I didn't know

Either I didn't know (or more likely I forgot.)

Lately it seems information has been popping up about things that we can't do in metal clay. Funny thing is...... I've been doing them and they've been working for me. (At least they did before I knew I couldn't do them!)

The list:

1. The transparencies to make Photopolymer plates must be made on either a laser printer or a printer that uses toner. An ink jet printer can't make dark enough transparencies.

First of all, I am not running out to Staples to have my transparencies made every time I need one. (Got too many other things to do and I don't think Staples is open at midnight.) And secondly, my ink jet transparencies have worked fine on my photopolymer plates. Only once did I have a problem and that was resolved by doubling up my transparencies. When I print out my transparencies I make sure to choose the transparency as my paper medium. I print it as a high quality photo and also as a grayscale print. Just be careful not to scratch the transparency after it is printed.

2. Lavender oil paste is only for pasting together two fired pieces of clay. Use plain metal clay paste to join unfired pieces.

This was a new one to me. I just figured that if it was good for joining fired pieces, it was just as good for joining unfired pieces. I've been using it all along with no problems. I was also told that the lavender oil paste adds strength when used to coat leaves. (Only did the leaf thing once with regular paste. It's a boring process and the leaves were rather flimsy. Might try it again with the lavender paste though.)

3. Metal clay rings should not be worn every day.

Thin, delicate rings shouldn't be worn everyday. But solid, good sized rings can be worn everyday. I wear five rings every single day. Now I don't wear them when I lift weights or when I golf but other than that I feel naked without them. I've had sterling silver and gold rings that broke through, so the metal clay isn't any different.

4. This one I just read about today. Metal clay rings can not be stretched, so be sure the size fits.

Now in my Level I Certification class, we were shown how to round out a ring that had misshapen during firing and how to stretch it if it shrank too much. (I didn't forget this one or dream it up.) I've stretched out many a ring (before using the pellet inserts for firing.... and even a few after using the inserts.) I know I've stretched them one whole size and maybe (not sure about the memory here) even a little more than that.

Oh well, I'll just go on my merry way doing things that aren't supposed to work. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. (Sorry I can't attribute it to creative exploration even though it sounds better.)

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