Friday, April 23, 2010

A moment of panic!

In November, my Macbook Pro went down. That was quite a few days of panic until it was repaired to the tune of $600.

This morning it went down again. I went to turn it on and nothing happened; just like before. No amount of button pressing would turn it on. Now panic set in as I thought about the first quarter statement I just finished the other night (and didn't back up), the National Transit brochure I am working on (and didn't back up), the photos of the grandchildren (which I haven't backed up recently), and all the bills I pay on line.

This can't be happening, but it was. This time I was taking it to an authorized Apple repairman. How was I going to pay for another repair? (The hubby would be mad!!) I guess it was going to have to come out of the money I don't have to pay for a tent I want to get to do shows. (I'm going to give that a try.)

Oh well.... shit happens. Went to pack it up and discovered that the cord wasn't plugged into the wall socket. Also discovered that hubby didn't wait to make sure that the computer shut down and drained the battery to the level where it wouldn't turn on. Once I plugged the cord into the outlet, it came right on.

Now it's my turn to be mad!!!! (But happy that's all it was!)

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