Friday, May 7, 2010

The Big Honker

In an earlier post I pictured a ring that went awry. The band twisted badly as it fired and when I tried to hammer it back into shape, the top broke off and the band broke at the seam.

It was actually a good thing. The band had a texture and the top just didn't relate to the band in any way shape or form. So.... it was back to the drawing board. I've always wanted a big ring and this was my chance to get one. I already had rings for five of my fingers so what was one more.

This time I used the same band texture on the top of the ring and embellished the design with 1.5 mm fine silver balls (I'm on a ball kick) and a metal clay coil. The top of the ring was curved to add interest; but this also added another problem as it wouldn't touch the band when it laid on my finger.

So.... I had to build up a point on the band to go up into the curve. I succeeded at this, but it isn't a pretty sight. If the ring wasn't for me, I would have kept working on it. (The underbelly of the top is rather strange looking.)

The top is a little under one and one half inches long. It basically covers half of my index finger. It's one honking big ring. (I'd show how it looks on my finger, but my hands are the oldest looking part of my body....... at least I think they are. I certainly hope they are.)

Tomorrow I'll post the finished original piece that broke off the top.

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