Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Certification Saucer bead

Just a couple more certification projects to cover.

This post is about the saucer bead (which I know as a lentil bead.) They are easy (and fun) to make. The only difference between what we did in class and what I normally do is the way the edges were treated. My edges are normally a little rounded. In class we were going for a sharp knife edge which was created by sanding from the center down to the edge. Guess it is this sharp edge that gives it the saucer name.

These were decorated to our liking. I decorated the top with an organic design created with the syringe. For some reason I like to sand the syringe work to give it a flatter finish. (Do this a lot.) I carved the back of the piece (but am not happy with it.)

I'm still trying to figure out why my jewelry is mostly organic. Mission style is my taste in furniture. Seems like a contradiction.

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