Thursday, October 7, 2010

All in a days work

Yesterday I was able to spend some much needed time in the studio. Life has been hectic lately and there have been more important things to tend to. But, it is getting to be that time of year (the holidays are fast approaching) and I need to get more work finished.

Fall is a good time for festivals, but since I got started late with those I have to wait until next year. The one exception to that is the Foxburg Festival this weekend. I make jewelry for them with the Foxburg logo on it and they've invited me to set up a table in the store like I did last year. Nice thing about that is I'm indoors. (Applefest this year ended with a very cold, very rainy day. Hope next year's weather is better as I hope to do that one.)

Coming up is a home jewelry party (thought I'd give that a try), my annual open house, Second Saturdays at the studio (one which is a Holiday Gala), a chamber mixer, several fund raisers, a trip to Disney World and upcoming classes.

So..... yesterday I was trying to prepare. I did accomplish more than the photos show as I finally finished up some pieces, have some more pieces ready for the kiln, cleaned the studio (somewhat) and have some ideas formulating.

The photos:
As mentioned in an earlier post, I redesigned the ring from my Rio Certification class to make it stronger. (It broke at the joint between the band and the signet. I've heard that they are rethinking that particular project.) The simplicity of the design was appealing to me so I wanted to keep it simple. I added silver nuggets (not the right word but I'm having a senior moment.... darn) between the two parts to connect them better. (Just can't keep the organic element out of my design.)

The large polymer piece (that I was making into a pin) broke when I tried to force it into an earring display piece thingy (darn those senior moments). So...... it took on a new life as two pieces, a pair of earrings and a pendant (with the addition of add-on bails.) Actually I like it better but now I have to buff the ragged edges.

Lastly is a photo of the backs of scarf slides I'm making for Foxburg. They are drying (did the joining two fired pieces technique) and waiting to be fired. I don't wear scarf slides and was confused as to how I wanted to make them. (The ring mandrels came in handy. I think a size 7 makes the right size for a scarf.) After asking for several opinions, this is what I decided on. Hope they're right.


convergentseries said...

Oooh, I especially like the "granulation" on the ring: both structural and beautiful!

(I'm guessing that's the word you were seeking. Yes? In my metal clay classes, where there's always a lot of other jargon, that's one thing I just keep simple and call them little balls. In one of the metalsmithing classes I took (the one Barbara was in too, where we met Lindsay), that teacher would have called it shot.)

Alice Walkowski said...

That's it! Thanks Carol.