Thursday, October 14, 2010

Porcelain painting

Linda Lineman's demo on porcelain painting was the final demo of the day last Saturday. Linda calls her business, Lineman's Porcelain Memories because she is creating tomorrow's memories today.

Painting porcelain is a layered and involved process. (At least it looked involved to me.) Each layer has to be fired before the next layer of paint is applied. In the photo, Linda is displaying a tile with four steps in a painting. She also discussed using her own photographs as a design source since accurately painting a subject matter requires keen observation skills.

Last week's demos were very informative and interesting. Hopefully, we can have more demonstrations during future Second Saturdays at the Studios. There is lots of talent on the second floor. If you are ever in the area the second Saturday of the month, stop by for a visit. You won't be disappointed.

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