Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Was Thor a Viking?

The third demo was on making a viking knit chain. Laurie Kukulski learned the technique two years ago when we went to the PMC Retreat at Arrowmont (which remember is coming up again.) Since then she's been experimenting with color and different methods of finishing the ends.

I was familiar with the technique as one of my guild members gave a demo at one of our meetings. We all tried it (it ain't easy, at least not at first.) Laurie makes it look easy though. It is a really interesting technique. I did try it several times at home but I find that when it comes to working with wire, I'm all thumbs.

The history of the technique is rather vague. The internet gave up some info, but wasn't really full of specifics. I did find that it is a nordic knitting technique (hence the name.)

Basically silver wire is looped over a rod and the end of the wire is threaded through the loops to create new loops. When the knitting is finished, the loops look uneven. But, after pulling the chain through progressively smaller holes (in a board), the knitting begins to look like a nice silver chain.... ready for the artist's creativity to finish it.

Maybe I'll try it again, if I develop some patience and some new thumbs.

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