Monday, November 15, 2010

It really is Magical!

There weren't any posts lately as we were on vacation all last week in Disney World. (I even missed the Transit Harvest Gala.) It's been many, many, many years since we've been there. (So many that we didn't remember much about it.)

But this time we went with the whole family. There were eleven of us (six adults and five children who ranged from ages 1 to 7.) We stayed at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground in two adjoining sites. The campground is the nicest we've ever stayed at. It was "soooo" clean and beautiful. Well worth it and it was a short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom. To get to the other parks, we just hopped on a bus to the main outpost of the campground and caught a connecting bus to where we wanted to go. Everything was well marked and ran so smoothly. (The Disney Corporation sure knows what they are doing.)

With all the music, lights and color, who wouldn't feel like dancing, which is exactly what we did when the parade went through. (I'm glad no one got a picture of me dancing!)

It was a great week with the family (although a little stressful at times trying to keep track of all the grandchildren. Didn't want to lose anybody.) The littlest members didn't appreciate the fact they could ride in a stroller all day and relax. No..... they wanted out and when they got out they ran! (Man those kids can move!)

Two year old Cody was so excited on the boat ride to the Magic Kingdom. He could see the castle and he knew what it was. We could hardly contain him. His favorite word for the week was Whoa (repeated in succession.) His pick to remember the trip was Buzz Light Year. (One year old Beau chose Buzz too.)

Olivia was thrilled to meet the Princesses. Her highlight was having dinner with five of them and getting her picture taken with each and everyone. (I need to study Disney's marketing techniques. They certainly have it down.)

Tyler who is the oldest was intent on getting autographs and pictures of Disney characters in his book while his brother Ethan wore his mouse ears everywhere. (Even to bed.)

The vacation was magical and Disney world is full of magical moments. We'll be back. (After we save up more money. That place is expensive..... but worth it.)

Now back to work. I'm taking part in a metal clay challenge. We are to make a piece that illustrates a favorite fairy tale. I'm doing Jack and the Bean stalk. Stay tuned for photos. It's already started.

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