Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Florida on my mind

Oh my! My last post was almost two weeks ago. So sorry.

I still haven't done much lately, so there isn't much to share in the metal clay world. But I can share pictures of the birdhouse I'm working on for the Rail to Trails annual fundraiser. There will be 30 birdhouses raffled off that are decorated by local artists. During the month of April some of them will be shown in Franklin and some in Oil City. (Don't ask me where.) Then they will all be at May mart on May 1st.

My theme this year is "Florida on my mind." Since I took my bird house with me to Florida, I was inspired (get this) by the tile in the bathtub. Everywhere you look in Florida there is tile. The roof of the house is painted to look like tile and the sides will have a variety of Florida flora and fauna (along with some from my imagination...... so don't expect everything to be true to life.) Plus, the house down the road had two blue Adirondack chairs that for some reason I really like, so they will be in there.

Of course there has to be lizards (not sure if they are geckos or not) and Ibises (those are birds) plus lots of blue sky. The title is "Florida on my mind." Just love Pine Island. Fishing, golfing and lots of art. My kind of place.

Also, just a little observation on aging from when I was at church the other day. God gives us bad eyes so we can't see the wrinkles and white hair so our scalps don't show as much when our hair thins. (Wish those people who dye their hair black in their old age would realize how much it contrasts with their scalp.) Oh well, just my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Having grown up in Florida ... the fauna that come to my mind, are, in no particular order: manatees, alligators, "no see 'ems," iguanas, and "palmetto bugs." The first two are too large for a birdhouse. The third one is, by definition, too small. So I guess the last two must be "just right!"