Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy day

Yesterday was a busy day at the National Transit building.  It was our usual second Saturday at the studios, the Oil City Student Art Show and the Graffiti Gallery reception for a poster contest that was open to Art Institute Students and Clarion University Students.

The day was a rainy one but many people still ventured out for one or more of the events.  Many people were just passing through to get to the student work, but many did take the time to stop in the artist's studios  to visit and see what was happening.  Since it was one of our quarterly events, we had refreshments in the studios.  (For my studio my cousin made a wonderful hot dip served with bread.   She found the recipe on line but added her own flair to it.  She's good at that.)    One of the young visitors said that if the dip was a person they would marry it.  Guess they liked it.  

The student show was a floor below us.  Years ago we set up a "Living Painting" at the art show to educate the public about art.  This year they revived it and did an installation based on the work of Sandy Skoglund.  (Look her up on the internet.  Very interesting work.  Almost got to hear her speak years ago but got turned back by a tornado.)   I didn't get down in time to see the students in the installation but I did get a picture of the set up.  

The Poster Contest was held to try to interest young artists into coming to Oil City.  The judges were young people because they would know what would attract the younger viewer.  Guess I dated myself when I was drawn to the Abstract Expressionist styles.

(Darn..... I don't feel old...... most of the time!)

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