Monday, May 30, 2011

A True Phenomenon

As was mentioned in an earlier post, we are in the process of remodeling.

Now anyone who has ever dealt with wall paper knows that "strippable wallpaper" exists in name only.  No matter what one does, the wallpaper always separates from the backing.  Which means steaming,  using DIF or what ever method works best for the circumstances.

Well, for once in my life (and probably the last time) I have found truly strippable wallpaper.  I put it on all four walls of our bedroom over thirty years ago.  (See, it definitely is time for a remodel!)  I was dreading taking it all off, but I knew it had to go.  And I also knew that I would "never" paper anything again.  To my surprise, 90% of it peeled right of the wall like it is supposed to.  Not sure why it did not all come off that way but I do have some work to do on the upper half of one wall.  Wow, never ever thought that would happen.  (But so thankful it did.  I "hate" stripping wall paper.)  It was actually fun peeling it off.

The other phenomena in my house are the lights in the stairwell chandelier.  All six lights have been there since we moved in thirty four years ago.  We've never had to replace even one of the bulbs.  Let's see the new bulbs last that long!

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