Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just scrap it!

At home I'm on a mission to "Simplify."  (Which is going to take me years!)  So, what's good for the home is good for the studio too in a variety of ways.

Certain things I'm getting rid of at home can be used in the studio.  (Although I will never be able to give up the studio...... too much stuff in there.)  Then, the simplifying concept also applies to getting rid of things at the studio I'm never going to use.

Things like........ pieces of fired silver that never made it to fruition as a piece of jewelry.  (I've been hanging on to them, telling myself that I'll eventually use them in something....... I won't.  I need to face it.)  So yesterday I started to sort through my stash and look at every piece realistically.  Into the recycle bin they went, along with pieces of sterling silver wire and old sterling jewelry.

A few posts ago I mentioned a piece I was working on after seeing a work by Ruth Greening.  It didn't go so well and I tried to save it by ordering smaller CZ's and adding more clay to create a smaller hole.  The piece still was not successful so it also ended up with the rest of the scraps.  (I'll explain why in another post.)

It feels good to clear out all those unfinished pieces and start fresh.  There are still more to go (can't do it all at once; got to go in waves.)

What is done with the scraps?  They get sent to Rio Grande who will melt them down and recycle them into new pieces of silver.  I might as well get monetary credit through Rio as have all this silver setting around.

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