Thursday, June 9, 2011

One track mind

In a previous post, I shared one of my many "didn't quite work out" experiences with a piece of beach glass my girlfriend had given me.  Actually she gave me three pieces to see if one of them would work out to make a necklace.

Today I sat down and tried to work out a design with the remaining two pieces.  Since they were both part of the neck of a bottle, the curve of the pieces was a challenge.  Nothing seemed to work and then the "light bulb" in my brain came on.  The entire time I was designing for these pieces, the focus was on making the metal clay piece.  The beach glass was secondary.   

Since my friend found the beach glass while she was on vacation in Florida, the glass should have been the focus of my design and not the metal clay.  Also, my friend wanted something small and my usual method of design tends to be on the big side.  

Once I realized those two things, the design became easy.  Rather than try to "encase" the glass with silver, I glued on a sterling silver bail and added a silver palm tree to represent Florida.  Simple, but I think the right solution.  I hope she likes it.  

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