Sunday, August 7, 2011

Accountability buddy

Van Gogh Palette earring collages by Cassy Muronaka

     As was mentioned in an earlier post, I'm taking the Artful Success class from Tonya Davidson.  The class is packed full of good information (which is an overwhelming task to process.)  But, bit by bit we are all making progress (at our own pace) and will eventually put into practice what we are learning.

    We have "Accountability Buddies" in this class to help keep us on track and to have someone to bounce ideas off.  My buddy is Cassy Muronaka from California.  Cassy is a photographer, writer and polymer clay artist.   We've communicated by email and by phone.   Due to the time difference it's a good thing I'm a night owl.  We've discovered that we are very much alike in many ways and talk like we've been friends for years.

    Check out Cassy's website, http;// (which will also take you to her blog.)  Especially look at her publications, many of which I recognized as being something I was interested in.  How cool (okay, I've dated myself again) to know people who write articles that I've read.

(Getting into metal clay has also afforded me the chance to know lots of people who write magazine articles and books.)   And while I'm at it, here's a shout out to my friend Carol Scheftic who had two of her pieces published in Hadar Jacobson's latest book.   Check her out at the Convergent Series link in the right hand column of my blog.



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