Monday, August 29, 2011

Just amazing

Gordon and Jan Durkin from the Western Pennsylvania Metal Clay Guild

As was mentioned in an earlier post, I headed to the Cleveland Area this past weekend to take a class with Gordon Uyehara.  He was offering three classes while he was there, but unfortunately I was only able to take one of them.  His work is simply amazing.  There is no other way to describe it.

The Cleveland guild combined with the Guild from Columbus, OH and the Western Pennsylvania Metal Clay Guild to promote the Retreat.  Cleveland organized and hosted the four day retreat at the Valley Art Center in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  (What a pretty town.  I might just have to go back.)  Many thanks to Katie Hanrahan and anyone else who helped her for such an enjoyable gathering.

Gordon's first class was a bracelet making class.  Even though I wasn't able to take the class I was able to see the results of the class and they were all awesome.

The examples above were made by Gordon.  (He was very generous in letting me take pictures of his work for my blog..... such a nice guy!)

Check out his work at


Zoe Nelson said...

I'm jealous! Which class did you take? Can we see what you made?

Alice Walkowski said...

I took the box ring with pearl class. I'll show you my ring in a day or two. I wanted to show the other classes work first. Would have loved to have taken them all, but one is better than none.