Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Alien in my kiln

Well, I did fire the bronze bangle bracelet.  I thought I might have to flip the bracelet and re-fire it to get it fully sintered throughout.   I tested the side of the bracelet that was closest to the door (where it can be cooler and cause a piece to not fully sinter) and luckily it too was completely fired.  But...... I had added some small bronze balls at various points around the bangle and three of those fell off during firing.   (I had all three errant balls in my possession until I dropped one of them on the brown carpet in the hallway.  Ugh!)   And,  a small crack showed up in the main body of the bracelet.   So, I do have to fire the whole thing again after all.  What works out in one area, screws up in another.

I'm going to blame it on the alien who was peeking out from inside my firing pan!

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