Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tis the Season

About this time each year I host an Open House for people to see what I've been working on the past year and to help them kick off their Christmas shopping.  (Or, shopping for themselves which most of them did.)

The very first year I held it at my house, but since I acquired the studio I've had the last two there.  This year I decided to take it back to my house for several reasons.  First, the elevator at the Transit Building is down and it's quite a little hike up to the second floor (which really seems like the third floor, especially if you have a bum knee like I do right now.)  And secondly I began to think that maybe it would be cozier and more comfortable for people to sit around and visit (which they did.)

Hauling everything home (especially since the elevator isn't working) was a lot of work but I really do like it better at the house.  People stayed longer, ate more of the snacks and visited with other guests.  I was also able to spread my jewelry out over a bigger area so people could see everything better.

Economically, this year was decent (measured by being able to pay my rent and other bills for the next month.)  Times are tough and compared to the first year sales things were definitely down.  (But, compared to the two Open Houses held at the studio, sales were up.)

So, for one day my family room became a jewelry showcase.  It's all down now, packed and ready to head back to the studio for the Christmas Season.  (Actually this worked out well, as I now will be able to decorate with everything off the tables.)

In a couple of weeks, I pack it all up again and head off to Erie for a show on Dec. 10 at the Montessori Regional Charter School at 2910 Sterrettania Road.  I'll be displaying my work on one table, so it will take some creative display work to keep it from looking cluttered.  If you are in the area that day, stop in and say hi.

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