Saturday, December 10, 2011

Okay to be Square

It's okay to be Square, especially when credit cards are accepted.  For a while now, I've had the "Square".  The Square is a little white plastic piece that can be plugged into a cell phone and used to process credit cards.  Up until now, I did not take credit cards because it was too expensive to do so.  (When I first started out I had a plan that cost me $30 a month and I used it only once.  Got rid of that plan; not at all economical for the small businessman.)

At the Bizarre Bazaar last week I got to see the Square in action.  The girl just picked up her phone, swiped my card and had me sign right on the phone with my finger.  It was pretty slick and she said she loved it.

So, today I was scheduled to take part in a small show at the Montessori Charter School in Erie and figured that maybe I would have a chance to try it out.  Let me just tell you that in VA she made that swiping technique look so easy.  I did find a section in the program that was set for practice.  There are three check boxes showing and every time it's done correctly, a pretty green check appears in one of the boxes.   Well........ let me tell you that it's harder than it looks.  I practiced and practiced and practiced.  Finally I got six checks in a row and success went to my head.  (I knew I should have practiced it again last night!)

Today, I got my chance...... a charge!  Thankfully, the guy making the purchase had the patience of Job (is that the right spelling?)  After what seemed like twenty five tries (about six of those were by my friend who accompanied me) it finally went through.  (Thank God..... I was getting pretty embarrassed and stressed.) The customer was even offering suggestions.  But boy when it works it's really fascinating.  What technology can't do!

Sales today were ho-hum, but as usual I made some contacts and met lots of nice people.  Check out some of their sites.

Dottie Gilbo....   (She works with metal clay too.)

Yvonne Lewis made jewelry (just realized there is no web site.)

Michelle Shuey....  ( Michelle like me loves to take classes.)

and Lynn Fizel...... ( Lynn makes beautiful quilts from photos she takes.)

This was only the second year for this show.  It was a small show but had some nice work.  Wish I'd been selling baked goods today though.  I think they made out the best.

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