Thursday, January 5, 2012

220 and counting


With the first of the year comes the annual taking of inventory.  As I've said in the past, I tend to be a little anal when it comes to counting my materials.  Others I've talked to don't do it or just guess.  For the most part I count every little piece and fudge it once in awhile when the pile looks overwhelming.  

Today was my second day of inventorying and this year I decided to put it directly on my computer (without going through a printout first like I usually do.)  Figured that would save some time although it's taking me awhile to get use to doing it that way.

I'm not the worst there is at computers but I'm not the best either.  My accountant set up a formula for me to add and subtract costs on one of my spread sheets.  All I have to do is copy and paste, to place the formula wherever I want.  

Another thing I always did was use the calculator to multiply the price and the number of pieces. That takes quite a bit of time to pick it up after counting, do the calculation, put it down and enter the number into the computer.  So...... I decided to try to figure out the formula for multiplying (by myself.)  The hour I spent searching and trying it out were worth it.  How much quicker it is when the computer does the math.  And it's even fun!  (Only took me four years to get to this point, but at least I got there.)

It doesn't take much to entertain me..... I know!


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Anonymous said...

Happy counting!

I'm very glad to read that you were able to remove the calculator-step: anything to speed up counting so you can get back to making!

(As I write that I am shocked to realize I actually remember, from before the electronic calculators that arrived before personal computers, how to use an "adding machine" to do multiplication, and record everything on paper....)