Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's okay after all!

Back in September I was lamenting the change in the Bic Stick Pens.  For years I was using the white pens as a base for my polymer clay.  This past fall I discovered that the pens had changed.  They were no longer white and I assumed that they would not hold up in the toaster oven.  (When will I learn that one can not assume anything?)

After complaining about it on my blog (and to anyone who would listen) and writing an email to the Bic company, I decided to test out the new pen casing.  Well, they work just fine. (Now I'm feeling a little sheepish.)  The pen cartridge is a little harder to pull out of the casing, but other than that they work beautifully.

So, we are back in business,  Working with the polymer is a fun thing to do with friends.  The collection above is the result of a few evenings of work by a friend and I.  We are on a roll and there is another dozen waiting for the glaze (which deepens the color.)

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