Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Only God knows

There are twenty eight silver charms ready to go to the conference.  (Not all are exactly the same as noted in the previous post.)

Sitting on my work table at the studio are fourteen copper charms, sanded and ready to be fired.  (Obviously they aren't going to the conference!)  All fourteen of those charms are not exactly alike...... in fact about four of them are total different shapes than the rest.

Now, about the bronze charms.   There were fourteen bronze charms (all of these are alike.)  And, actually there still are fourteen.  I just don't know where one of them is.  It will show up one of these days.  When my golf ball hits a tree and ricochets only God knows which direction it went.   The same principle works when a piece of metal flies off my finger when the flex shaft wheel hits it.  I heard it hit the wall, but again..... only God knows where it ended up.

So..... there were fourteen bronze charms...... and then there were thirteen.

"I know the silver is more expensive, but I think I like the bronze better."


Zoe Nelson said...

Haha!! same thing happened to me. I made 24 silver charms, but ended up with only 23. Who knows where it is? I should say that I only have 22 to trade, because one has your name on it.

Anonymous said...

Yep! In many instances, I prefer the bronze too.

The mix I'm taking is about 60% silver, 40% bronze. If I'd had more time, it would easily have been the reverse.

Materials-wise, the silver costs more. Time-wise, though, the bronze is higher. From the view at my end, that sort of evens things out. Not entirely, but somewhat....