Friday, June 29, 2012

Romancing the Stone

As was mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have several very nice stones (actually I've had them for years.)  So when I saw all the beautiful choices at the vendors hall at the conference...... I steered clear.  (I really, really wanted to go take a look but I did resist.  I didn't resist the desserts though.)

Instead, on the second day of the conference I discovered Lisa Barth's beautiful stone pendants.  Each one different and each one equally well executed.  And the really nice thing is..... she's written a book about her design process and bezel setting techniques.  So..... of course I had to buy it.

I haven't had much time to get too deeply into it yet, but what I have seen I really like.  Some questions are popping up as I read it, (may have to email her a couple of times) but I do think it is exactly what I need.  The triangular burgundy stone in the lower right hand corner was the stone in the piece that didn't turn out.  I did use the stone to help design the setting but just screwed up on the bezel.  

Not only did I buy Lisa's book at the conference, but I also saw Jeanette Landenwitch's book at the Rio Grande display.  (So of course I bought it too..... when will I quit?)  It is a completely different approach from the other book and I already see some good tips in it too.

I will probably approach the first couple of tries just like I did when starting to work with metal clay.  I'll pretty much take the project approach and once I feel comfortable I'll be off and running.  Stay tuned for future posts on how it's going.

 It will be a several days before my next post as I'm camping with the grandchildren.  (I've got lots of ideas for posts.  The conference was inspiring that way too.)

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Zoe Nelson said...

I can't wait to see your stones surrounded by beautiful silver. Have fun camping!