Monday, July 23, 2012

Calories don't count

After five days at Myrtle Beach, SC I learned that "Calories don't count outside your zip code." (That's good to know since I was dreading my next weigh in at Weight Watchers.)

 I also learned that there is a certain age when it doesn't matter how good of a body you have..... Bikinis are a no no. (There are some images in my mind here that will give me nightmares.)

The grandchildren loved the ocean and the alligator farm.

And the granddaughter loved the day she went shopping with her Mom and Grandma.  

I  got to golf at Tidewater golf course and saw first hand the huge number (and size) of the sand traps on a premiere course (although I only ended up in two of the traps.)  Makes me appreciate the little courses I golf on around here.

Ended the trip by taking the grandchildren to the NC Zoo in Ashboro.  We really, really like that zoo and this will probably be the last trip there.  (My daughter and her family moved back to PA.)

Children will play.  These young baboons were playing peek-a-boo with the grandchildren.  

I also learned that July in the Carolinas is hot, hot, HOT!!  (But it was fun .......  now back to work.)


Zoe Nelson said...

Glad you had fun here in the sunny South!

Alice Walkowski said...

Thanks Zoe. We did have fun.