Thursday, August 16, 2012

The "Hub of Oildom"

Oil was discovered in 1859 in Titusville which is just north of Oil City, Pa.  Because of Oil City's location along the river and it's access to the railroad, Standard Oil Company (headed by John D. Rockefeller) decided to locate their headquarters there.

In 1890 the National Transit Building was built in the Chicago architectural style on the corner of Seneca St. and Center St.   Six years later the "Annex" was built next to the Transit building and connected to it through a walkway over the alleyway.

Today this four story stone and brick building houses the National Transit Studios and several offices of local organizations.  The architecture of the building is impressive and is worth a trip to check it out.  

For several years now I have been saying I was going to make some jewelry based on the architecture of the building.  (I have lots of ideas but never seem to get around to actually doing them.)   I've pretty much taken the summer off when it comes to metal clay but yesterday I finally got around to working on a design for my Transit series.  (Hopefully the cooler weather of fall will inspire me to get to the studio more....... actually I just need to organize better and schedule it.)

Anyway, here is the piece of architecture that my first piece will be based on.  I worked on a drawing for it that will be made into a Photopolymer plate so I can make multiples.  This is a post at the base of the stairway when you enter the front door.

Besides the Transit Series, I also started working on designs for a series on Pittsburgh Bridges and I've been working on my bezel setting pieces.  (Guess I have been working....... just don't have anything concrete to show for that work yet or post about.)


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing more of your interpretations of the Pittsburgh bridges! (Hint: we've got another guild-chapter charm exchange coming up this holiday season....)

But what catches my attention are many of the bridges over and along the Allegheny River, as it winds its way up from Pittsburgh, to your area, and then beyond to its source. Big and small. Old and new. Over that river and over the many streams feeding it.....

Alice Walkowski said...

I was really, really pleased with the way the first bridge charm worked out.

The ones I worked on the other day were not giving me the same satisfaction as that one. But..... I do remember the struggles I had with that one before I found a design I liked. I suspect it will be the same with the rest of them.