Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My husband and I just got home from five days of watching the grandchildren.  My daughter had to go to NC on business and since her husband works from six in the morning (today it was 3:45) until seven at night, we were needed to get the grandchildren off to school in the morning and to pick them up in the evening.

It went very well and the kids were good.   They did talk us into stopping at Grandma's Country Oven Bake Shoppe every night for a cookie.  (We resisted the first two nights but gave in today.)

As good as they were, we still had a few incidences that reminded me not to be too Grandmotherly and believe everything they tell me.

They've all done it.  None of the grandchildren are immune from trying to hoodwink Grandma and Grandpa.

Oldest Grandson (when he was younger)....... "My mom allows me to ride in the front seat of the car."
"My mom doesn't make me use the car seat. " "We are allowed to have ice cream for breakfast. "

The Granddaughter (six years old but thinks she's sixteen) ........  My Mom allows me to ride my scooter to the playground by myself.  

The last two days I let her pack her own clothes for after school and she did okay.  Well, the third time wasn't okay.  "I'm allowed to wear these knee high boots!"  (Not so said her mother when I talked to her.)  To make it worse, it wasn't just the boots but the tights and the belly showing, spaghetti strapped top.  It's not even suitable for showing on this blog.   Grandpa sent a picture to her Mom when we picked her up and that's how she got busted.

I know the other three have hoodwinked us too.  They're not off the hook.  It's just that at the moment we can't think of the specific times they've done it.  (Grandparents are not only easy...... but they also forget lots of things.   That works to their advantage.)

And the game is on!!!


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