Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's you!

The leaves may be turning (and they are gorgeous right now) and the temperatures may be cooling off but that doesn't mean I'm ready to hibernate.

Yesterday at the Erie mall, a woman going into the bathroom when I was coming out, looked at me and said "It's you!"  I looked at her and thought, do I know you?  She proceeded right on by me, telling her friend...... "I told you I saw another woman with capris and sandals on."

The calendar may say it's autumn, but I'm not giving in yet.  I'm fighting it until the first snowflake. Then I'll go to my open backed shoes and as a last resort my boots.  (Until I head to Florida and can get the sandals out again.)


Zoe Nelson said...

Oh, you're one of THOSE people! LOL! As soon as the days get shorter I get colder. I'm already in sweat pants, socks and a sweater.

Alice Walkowski said...

Oh yes I am. LOL!