Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Going UP!

The Transit Building is actually two buildings.  The original built in 1890 and the Annex built in 1896. They are connected with a walkway bridge on the second floor.  (My studio is at the beginning the main building side of the bridge.)

One of the most impressive pieces of architecture is in the annex and that is the steam elevator.  It is not in working order and probably never will be.  I've been told there are only two such elevators in the world; the other being in the Eiffel Tower.  This elevator went to the top floor and opened up into John D. Rockefeller's penthouse.  (Hard to imagine how plush that penthouse must have been when you see it now....... fit only for critters.)

It is a wrought iron masterpiece full of design inspiration.  I've done two designs from the elevator so far with more to come (there is just so much detail in it.)  

 The elevator design just seemed to lend itself to silver more than the other metals.  I made a variety of necklaces and earrings from this design.

This is one of the elevator pieces which was given as a prize for the scavenger hunt.  


Anonymous said...

Well, Alice, y'know, much as I really do love that silver-work of yours, I'm looking at that lovely design and thinking, "Just use a reverse-texture (innie vs. outie) and I'd bet that could make a really nice mixed-metal inlay piece as well."

Should you feel inclined to try it with other metals, of course.

Alice Walkowski said...

Oh yeah. I'll probably get around to that too as I play with all different things. Yesterday I made some in the brilliant bronze (as my test pieces.) When I do make a mixed metal piece it will probably be bigger, but maybe not!

Anonymous said...

I've tried (just) a few brilliant bronze bits too. I've added little decorations to pieces I'd started before I got it, and made one "draped" pendant entirely out of it. All's good with it so far! You?

I will post pics when I find some spare time: they will appear for sure but I've got a few critical deadlines to meet first....

Alice Walkowski said...

I worked with some of the brilliant bronze yesterday and finished firing it today. Got a chance to polish it with the 3-M wheels. Could tell it was more gold-like in color the minute I started to polish. My next post will be about it. I like it.

My pictures will have to wait too.