Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still Anal in 2013

Tax time comes around so darn fast and like most artistic people my focus is on making art........ not keeping records and tracking every little detail related to the business end of art making.  (Although I do try..... really I do.)

One of my first orders of business is inventory.  I swore I would not be as anal about counting every little jump ring and bead as last year, but that is a hard habit to break.  So....... I've been spending days playing with numbers, not making art (it's killing me.)   Luckily, my cousin comes up to the studio to help with it.  (She can't believe I make her count every last one.)

I try to keep up with it all .  Every year at this time I resolve to spend time at least once a week and get my paperwork in order.   (That usually lasts about a month.)  Preparing my reports for the tax preparer is mind boggling.  It's okay if the numbers work out, but they never do.

It wouldn't be so difficult if what comes in equals what goes out, but art doesn't work that way.  Pieces don't work out (got a jar full of that stuff.)   Things get lost (still haven't found the piece that shot off my flex-shaft.)  Some pieces get made with materials I've had for twenty years (how would I remember what they cost?)  I can't remember what I had for breakfast!  Sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly how much polymer clay was used or how much wire.  (I finally put wire down as an overhead item.)  Then I have pieces that are unaccounted for.  Where did they go?  I do know that a few were stolen, along with a display piece I had sitting out.  How do painters ever figure out their expense sheets?

Oh well, I am trying to do it right.  Anal or not, it's who I am.

So, I'm including a picture of young artists working in my home studio.  (I'm so jealous!)

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