Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old School

Last Tuesday I watched NCIS (which really is a good show....... don't know why I don't watch it more often.)  In a nutshell it was about a young, brash (bad) techno guy who thought the NCIS team was outdated and technologically ignorant.  He thought he knew way more than they did and was unwilling to co-operate with them.  They set up a whole scam to make him think that things were falling apart and that his life was endangered.  He thought they were willing to give him over to the "really bad" guys and he talked.  How surprised he was when he found out it was all a set up.  Agent Gibbs told him "We did it Old School."

Well, today I did it "old school."  I was working on a commissioned piece that needed a photopolymer plate (check out some of my previous posts to find out what that is.)  Usually, I use technology to scan my drawing into the computer, play with it in Photoshop and print it out on acetate.  

 I did not have access to some of my technology toys so.........  I drew the design.  Traced it onto acetate (I did use a light box although I could have put it up to the window) and added the blackness it needed with permanent marker.  For the photopolymer process to work, the design on the acetate has to be very dark.   For that reason, I colored "both sides" of the acetate.   (Wasn't sure it would be dark enough but it worked perfectly.)  

I did happen to have access to my UV lamp, but I could have gone outside and danced around holding it up to the sun.  (Yes there was sun.)   Yay, it worked.  The piece is still not done but will get finished up tomorrow.  

Just goes to show that technology is nice, but isn't the only way to get things done.  It also goes to show that we don't need all the "cool" tools we think we need.  (Although they are nice to have.)

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of the piece.  

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