Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hazards of the Art

Getting old "Ain't for Sissies" as they say.  It sure isn't fun.  (The only good thing about getting old is retirement and grandchildren!)

Last Sunday I spent three hours restringing a pearl necklace for a customer.  (Still not done.)  It consisted of very tiny pearls combined with larger beads that had strands of pearls circling four times around the bigger beads.  (Sorry, should have taken a picture.)  Working on it involved holding onto the tiny pearls tightly so I could find the little teeny holes in them.  Needless to say I also had to wear my visor.  (Another perk of getting older.  I can't hold the magnifying glass and work at the same time!)

When I got up Monday morning, the middle finger on my left hand looked like a sausage and hurt like hell.  I couldn't bend it or spread my fingers apart very far,  The whole hand throbbed and the pain radiated up my arm.  Now I'm not one to run to the doctor but my cousin thought I should have it checked.  (This is the same cousin who told me I had pneumonia when I was sure I did not......  She was right.)

So, after remembering my other cousin who ended up in the hospital for days (with an infection in her finger which they cut open and left open to drain for a week.) I decided to go to the emergency room.

Seems I have gout!  Isn't that something old people get?  I'm not old!  Got a steroid shot in the bum, gout pills and an antibiotic for infection.  It's been a week now and it is better.

I spent six hours in the studio today, trying to get some commissions done.  So far I haven't felt any ill effects.   Earlier in the week it hurt to roll out the clay and to hang onto the small pieces while I sanded.  Today it was all good.

Tomorrow will tell.....


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