Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A leg up.

Just another quick grandchildren post.

A sample of my oldest grandson's art.

And his youngest brother's art from the Oil Heritage Art Show

And...... the middle grandson's art.  (And he thinks he can't do art!)  This is his 5th ribbon (three of those being first place and one being best of show.)

The piece is entitled "Volcanic Eruption."  He finished it a couple of nights before the drop off date.  That night I was trying to explain to him what a focal point was.  It seemed he was getting the concept pretty well.  At some point this piece just didn't have "it" and I didn't think he should enter it.  He kept asking why, hence the discussion of design elements and principles.  When he left that night it wasn't going to be entered.  It was propped up on my kitchen table and as I kept looking at it (probably with my hands on hips and my head cocked) I realized how much energy and depth it had.  So, I texted his mother to tell him to go ahead and enter the painting.  

The next morning I got a text from him asking...... Where's the vocal point?  

Needless to say, I'm glad I listened to him and let him enter it.  

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