Monday, August 4, 2014


During the month of June, Graffiti Gallery held it's second "Junk Art Show."  This little fellow (although I think that is a skirt ) was created by Don Jones from Pittsburgh.  This is Don's second year exhibiting in Oil City and he does some wonderful whimsical sculptures.

I am the proud owner of this mini-bot (it was in my price range.)  At first I thought of a mother who is tapping her foot with her hands on her hips, giving her child that "you are in trouble look."  Not that I ever saw that look....... really!

But today as I was standing and thinking about a work that I was hanging on the wall, I found my self in the same pose.  (Only I wasn't tapping my foot.)  My head was cocked and my hands were on  my hip.   No longer was he the disapproving mother but the artist contemplating his work.  (I actually think I take that pose a lot!)

So...... instead of going home with me as planned.  The mini-bot is staying in my studio as a reminder that I need to buckle down and get to work.  Yes, mother!


Anonymous said...

Well, as I began reading your line, Not that I ever saw that look....... the thought that floated into my mind was, ...nor ever gave it, in either role, as mother or as teacher .....


Alice Walkowski said...

Yes you are right. I'm sure I gave that look many times as both mother and teacher. Never thought of that until you brought it up. "The teacher look" is one that took years to perfect. I even give it to my grandchildren now (and occasionally to other people's children out in public.)