Monday, October 6, 2014

Art festival musings- Home town shows

Here's my first thoughts (of many) on doing Art Festivals.  And since my last post was long, I'll keep this one short.

The only festivals I've done have been ones in my area.  I see pros and cons in this.  I love seeing friends, family and long lost friends but.............. it is very difficult to balance visiting with them and selling my art (which is basically why I'm there.)

My cousin and I tried to handle this by moving outside the tent to talk with people we knew.  That didn't always work as we sometimes got blocked into our corners.  There were many times I felt bad that I wasn't able to visit longer with my friends and family but when a customer appeared interested in a piece I had to direct my attention to them.  I tried to do that diplomatically and hopefully they understood.

Occasionally, it was a customer who wanted to visit a little too long.  I almost lost my very first sale talking to one of them but was able to save it.  Must not have offended the other customer as she came back every day of the festival.

It really is a balancing act and I think I did pretty well.

Here is a photo...... Just because.  One of my negative space designs, front and back.


Lisa Heath said...

I love the effect on your negative space design, Ally. Did you do it by carving away a thick piece of silver or by placing a cut away piece of clay on top of a square piece of clay? Was the cut away done by hand or with a cutter? The effect is fabulous especially as the cut away portions are random and organic.

Alice Walkowski said...

Lisa, thanks you so much for your comment and I apologize for not replying sooner. As you can see by my latest post i wasn't doing too much at all for quite awhile. But I'm back to working. The design is made by using the negative (or left over ) pieces of paper clay after I have used a paper punch to punch out a shape for another piece. I save all the pieces and play with them on solid shapes. They are some of my favorite pieces and are so fun to do.