Friday, October 10, 2014

More Musings on an Art Festival .... what I've learned.

AppleFest is only my second outdoor show, so of course I was nervous about everything.  Did I forget anything, do I have the right displays, does my booth look inviting enough were some of the questions I was asking myself.  Maybe doing indoor shows helped because I really did not have any problems.

Here are some of the things I did right.....

  1.  It was rainy and cold and it was MUDDY.  Not even thinking about those things, I took an outdoor rug that we use when we go camping.  My intent was to make it look "nice."  It did look nice and....... it kept my booth from becoming a mud pit which happened to some other vendors. Making a list for future reference....... take rug ...... Check!
  2. I took along a small bale of straw in case I needed it.  I figured the Chamber would provide straw and they did.  If I didn't need it the bale would go home and become part of the Halloween decorations.  Friday, my cousin used it as a foot rest and Saturday morning we had to break it open and spread it around.  (There is a ton of straw in that little bale.)  The Chamber was running out of straw and I was afraid we wouldn't get any.  Our straw was very pretty and bright compared to regular hay.  We told customers that it was "designer" hay.  Another good idea..... Check!
  3.  Besides the rain and cold, we had wind.  At times it was a very gusty wind.  I took my faux leather displays and my cardboard flocked displays.  ( I fully intended to use the cardboard ones until I ran out of room.)  In the long run I'm glad I didn't.  They would have been blowing all over the place.  Only one of the other displays got knocked off and that's because I had it setting up high on a column.  Next year...... only take the good sturdy displays.   Check!   (But be prepared to dust them all when they are back in the studio......... outdoor festivals can be dirty!

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