Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seeing through walls

     Before we went on vacation, we had dinner at my son's house.   While helping to get dinner ready, my daughter in law told me that she knew that Tyler, the oldest child, was in the front room doing something he shouldn't be doing.   When she told him to stop it, he asked her how she knew what he was doing.  She told him that she could see through walls.
     As we sat down to dinner, Tyler cuddled up to me and whispered in my ear.  "Grandma, will you teach me how to do that?"  When I asked him what it was he wanted me to teach him, he said "see through walls."  I explained to him that was something only adults were allowed to know about and that he would have to wait until he grew up.  "Well" he said, "will you teach me how to do it then?"  And of course I said yes.

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heatherandlola said...

Yeah - it looks great!! See it's pretty easy:) Just finding time to update is the hard part. We had a great time on vacation and miss you already. Can't wait to see you again in 6 weeks!