Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's a cosy?

     Well, I finally made it back in the studio today.  Didn't get there until after I golfed first though.  (Should have gone straight to the studio!!)

     Now that the weather has cooled down, so has the studio and it sure felt good.  I was able to work about 4 1/2 hours, although I don't really have much to show for it.  I did fire some pieces and tumble them, but spent most of my time working on a ring that cracked.  It cracked,  just as I was finishing the sanding stage.  Metal clay is harder in the green ware stage than regular clay and sometimes I just get a little over exuberant.  But it is also pretty easy to repair, but that meant starting the sanding stages all over again.  (Plus worrying if that area of the ring will be weaker now.)  When something like this happens, I usually add an embellishment in that area for extra support.  (That is, if I can tell where I repaired it.....  if it's a good repair I shouldn't be able to tell.)

    One thing about going to the studio is meeting new people.  You never know when someone might stop by.  I met a lady today who moved up from Pittsburgh.  We had a very nice conversation.   I put my work table in front of the door so I can see when people enter, but have never sat there.  Instead, I sit at the student work area and then jump when I don't see people enter.  

   I was worried that the old building wouldn't be able to handle the kiln and everything else at the same time, but no problem.  It is working great.  When I taught my class last April in the main classroom there, we had to shut everything off so the kiln wouldn't trip the switch.  

    Darn, I forgot to take pictures of the studio today.  I'll try to do it tomorrow so everyone can see what it looks like.  I like it.  It seems cozy to me.  (I misspelled cozy with and s and the spell checker didn't catch it.  Wonder what a cosy is?  

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