Monday, April 20, 2009

No eyeballin!

   A few weeks ago I taught a two day class in making a Kumihimo woven bracelet.  The first day we made our own bell caps (which are really hard to find otherwise) and our own toggle/bar clasp (which is really easy to find.)  Making the toggle and bell caps from metal clay is rather expensive but worth trying as they add a personal touch to the bracelet.  The second day was devoted to learning the kumihimo technique using beads and finishing the bracelet by adding the metal clay bell caps and toggle.

   Every class is a learning experience for me too (usually not to assume anything!)  After my last class I made myself a "Last minute check list" to make sure I didn't forget to mention something. (Like.... don't forget to clean your stone with alcohol.  A fine layer of silver dust over the stone gives it a glow.  Which is kind of pretty if it covers the entire stone and not just part of it.)

   During this class I did mention that the bar needs to be more than two times the width of the hole in the toggle.  All well and good, but I forgot to mention that the hole in the bar needs to be centered exactly.  It wasn't that I forgot, it was that I didn't think of it.  So, one of the students eyeballed the center point and made her hole.  Usually, I would have done the same thing, but I've discovered that my eyeballs aren't as good as they use to be.  (Maybe they never were good at that kind of thing.  I can't remember.)   If it isn't centered, it will slip out of the toggle.  And it's amazing how fast that happens too!  Another learning experience for her and for me.  (You know, I have too many of those "Learning Experiences".  When will they end?)
    Anyway, I had to go back to my handout and make some additions.  Moral of the story..... No eyeballin.   Measure it!

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