Friday, May 1, 2009

Arrowmont Retreat

      First off, I do have internet service at the condo.  Only took me four days to figure that one out.  (Of course it was after I spent time in the library using the internet.)

        This is a bracelet done by Sharon Gillespie from Waco Texas.  Sharon was our instructor for the wide cuff bracelet.   Below is a photo of Sharon (on the right) and Gayle who is also from Texas.
    I finally took a few photos of Arrowmont.  We were so busy all week that I just didn't get around to taking many pictures.  This is a fountain on the second floor where most of the classrooms are located.  Above this fountain is a catwalk that looks down into the classrooms.

     The photo above is the resident artist gallery.  The classrooms open into this gallery.

     This place is so great.  There is definitely an artistic atmosphere and it is so peaceful.  This was the first time that PMC  held it's retreat in Tennessee.  The Senior instructors loved it and the setup of the school allowed people to come closer together.  The food was pretty darn good too.  They're going to do it again in two years, and I know I'll be back.


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