Thursday, April 30, 2009

Internet withdrawal

I'm having internet with drawal. There is no internet at our condo, so I haven't been able to post anything. Right now I'm in the library, and using their computer.

Arrowmont has been a great experience. The first three days were information packed. We made earrings and learned water etching (loved it), slip trailing, bezel setting, soldering, adding liver of sulfur, investment setting of an unfireable stone and making ear wires. The attitude when taking these kinds of classes should be one of education. Worry about the process and not the product. (Takes a while to sink in when one is dealing with an expensive media.) I'll post pictures and info when I get home.

Today I had a class with a NY sculptor named Vera Lightstone, a delightful little lady. Instead of metal clay, we worked with terra cotta. It was a very prolific day as we made seven pieces for reference. The focus was on faces, hands and figures. It was a nice change from a three day intensive metal clay class.

Tomorrow, I'm making a wide cuff bracelet. And wait until I post the really neat display boxes that I bought from the vendors. (Those will have to wait until I get home too.)

Tonight, there are demos on broom casting, melting swarovski crystals into PMC and dry construction link bracelets.

Last night there was a Raku firing class. People had to undress and put their smoky clothes into a bag as soon as they got back to the cabin. I guess it is a smelly process (and dangerous).

The most dangerous part of the retreat has been the vendor room. I knew it would be and swore to stay away, but we all know how that works. I tried!

Okay, that's all for now. Will share photos and info next week.


heatherandlola said...

I'm so jealous! I would love to have been able to go. It sounds like fun. Is Arrowmont still going to stick around? I thought you had mentioned they might be doing away with it. I hope not - because I would love to be able to go there someday too.

Can't wait until you guys come down!! I might take some vacation before the scheduled date while you are here.


Alice Walkowski said...

Wish you were here too. It has been so much fun. Lots of new friends and new techniques. This is such a cool place. We should come sometime for a weekend class. Sean and Dad could watch the kids.
Don't know about the future of Arrowmont. I guess the economy has had some influence on the possible sale. We are supposed to have the retreat again in two years.
Just wait until you see what we made. You'll want some of them.
See you in a few weeks. Can't wait.
Oh, and we do have internet service at the condo.