Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Foxburg Logo

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My sister in law was up from Florida several weeks ago and we were showing her around. One of the places we visited was Foxburg, Pa which is about twenty five miles from here. We've been there before to eat dinner at the Allegheny Grille. The food is good and the atmosphere is wonderful. We sat outside as it was a beautiful day and enjoyed the view of the river flowing by. Besides the grille there is a winery, a hotel (The Foxburg Inn), bike rentals, Segway tours (not sure of that spelling but they are the motorized stand-up type of vehicles that police and security guards use), a country store and a pizza shop. (Such beautiful buildings.) We checked them all out. (Going back and do the Segway thing sometime...... looks like so much fun!)

Anyway, we stopped at the Pizza shop to get a drink and the woman behind the counter admired my jewelry. (Had on the big cuff bracelet for one thing. Ya know when one makes jewelry.... one has to wear that jewelry out.) So I told her I made it (getting better at promoting myself) and guess what.... they had been looking for someone to make jewelry for them with their logo on it.

I delivered four pendants today and plan on making some pins for them soon, along with some earrings and such. All four pendants are slightly different.

Now, I want to try to create a poll to see which fox is your favorite. (Just for curiosity's sake) I never did a poll before so hopefully it will work. Please vote for your favorite. The fox is the same on them all but the style is different. Some have a patina, some are shiny, some are incised and some have a linear relief effect. I'll number the pictures to make it simpler. Thanks!

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heatherandlola said...

I like #2. They are all cool though:)