Friday, August 21, 2009

No more self-diagnosing

Finally broke down and went to the doctor today. I don't have the swine flu. But, I do have pneumonia. Thank goodness it is not contagious. At least now I will be taking something for it

Only made it into the studio once this week. Thought about it today but didn't make it. This pneumonia stuff saps the energy right out of you.

There is work to do and it's not getting done. Trying to get back to unfinished projects before I open any more clay. Got lots of fired pieces that have been sitting in a dark box just waiting to talk to me and lots of beads that need to be married to the metal.

The new fall schedule of classes needs to be made up, more Foxburg jewelry needs to be made, a flyer for the monthly Chamber newsletter needs to be written up and my friend's earrings need to be enameled. I need to take more photos, update my Etsy site (it is so neglected) and update my photo album. I am so behind.

CURSE YOU PNEUMONIA ...... life is too busy to be sick!

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