Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Returning to my roots

When I was in high school (when dinosaurs walked the earth), I loved doing copper enameling. I have to say it was one of my favorite art projects. I still have a couple of pins I made and somewhere there is a bracelet.

Anyway, back then we used a piece of nylon hosiery stretched over the jar and held on by a rubber band, to sift the enamel onto the copper. It worked great! But, as usual I thought I had to have all the fancy tools and equipment available. (I'd have more money if I didn't think I had to have it all.) So, I bought a couple of sifters. It's not that they don't work well but they need to be cleaned between colors (and we all know how I like to clean.) Plus, they eventually come apart and they are more expensive than old pantyhose. (I do wash the pantyhose first; unlike my elementary students who use to bring them in dirty for a sculpture project. Gross!)

The two leaf pieces are wet packed enamel, not sifted.

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