Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Damn D40

Years ago I had a SLR Cannon AE1 camera. It took rolls of film and took wonderful pictures. I loved it! But, of course it became outdated.

So, I moved into the digital age. I had a nice little Kodak camera that was great too, but eventually I couldn't see what kind of picture I was taking. The LCD (or is that LED) screen quit working.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy a digital SLR camera. The Nikon D40 was recommended to me. It takes wonderful pictures..... from a distance. My main reason for getting this camera was to take close ups of my jewelry. And there in lies the problem!

First of all I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash. (I did look in the manual.... but again, I'm sure you know how that goes.)

Secondly, every time I tried to get a close up shot, the camera would not click to take the picture. I had to be a distance from the object (even in the close up mode.) All my other cameras have worked close up. This was a real mystery.

I even went to a Nikon workshop, just to get help using my camera. This is what I was told....
the camera will not work in close up mode. I need to buy another $600 lens for it to work.
The advise of the representative about the flash, ........ physically hold it down so it won't pop up. What???? Won't that break the flash over time? I didn't listen to either recommendation.

One of the photographers in the Transit studios, showed me how to turn the flash off. As far as the close up shots. The best I can do is take it from a distance and use my computer to zoom into the close ups. It works..... or use my new little Kodak that I carry in my purse. It takes a picture in close up mode just fine.

With my resolution to post 30 pictures in 30 days on my Etsy site, the D40 is making me crazy. I think my pictures are better, but still not good enough.

The picture is one of my new displays, a cast iron hand. I bought the hand in the Strip district in Pittsburgh. The hands came in glass too, but I was afraid they would break if dropped. If I drop this one, I'll just break my foot (but what else is new.) And the pictures was taken from a distance with the D40.


Zoe Nelson said...

Ally - I understand your frustration first-hand. I ended up getting a point-and-shoot Olympus FE340 after the recommendation from Kate McKinnon. I found it online, reconditioned, for only $70. It takes great jewelry photos and has "super macro" so you can get as close as 2 inches.

Alice Walkowski said...

Wow Zoe, you got a good deal. It really is frustrating. Doesn't make sense to me that I have to get a special lens. I've never had a camera that didn't take macro shots automatically. I may have to start looking for something else. Thanks for the info. Alice