Monday, January 4, 2010

Probably a mistake

My plan today was to start working on my inventory (which I did.... sort of.) What I did do instead was reorganize my studio.

Now that was probably a mistake as I won't remember where I moved things. (I hate it when they do that at my supermarket!) But, I am in the middle of taking in my old desk top (actually under the desk) computer. It doesn't work well with the internet since my browser is compatible with practically nothing. So, I'm taking it to the studio so I can work on my class handouts and print out designs for Photo Polymer plates. (The lap top is so much nicer to carry around.) I still have to take in the keyboard and the printer. My husband helped me take the monitor and computer in today. The scanner made it to the studio yesterday. That's a lot of equipment and I had to rearrange things to make it all fit. (Things do look neater now.... how long that will last is anybody's guess.)

I just remembered the game "You don't know Jack" is on that computer. Guess we can play that while we're waiting for a firing. It's a riot.

My fourth Etsy post was way ahead of schedule today. I actually got it posted around nine PM.
(three hours ahead of yesterday.) I'm so proud!

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