Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm alive!

I am alive! Just taking a little vacation (from making jewelry and my brain is taking a vacation from thinking). Haven't made any jewelry lately but I will soon.

Hopefully, metal clay can take very cold weather as I had 13 packages of clay trapped in my car during North Carolina's snow and ice storm. I plan on using it to teach a class (if it goes) so I figured I'd better test it out first. That would be just horrible if the clay was bad.

Right now I am being the student. I'm taking a class on portrait painting (I missed the first four classes though). There are only two left. I got there on Tuesday and let me tell you I am not a painter. I brought oil paints. (Did not have the right colors and some of my paints were starting to dry up.) It's probably a mistake but today I am going to try watercolor since everyone else was using watercolor. (I'm even less of a water colorist.) I'll post photos of my paintings in the next few days if everyone promises not to laugh.

In March, I'm heading to the Mannings in middle Pa. to do a double weave throw on the four harness loom. (That should be interesting too since I haven't done a weaving in a long time.) Oh well, it is good to diversify.

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