Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Mannings

Most of my post graduate work was in fibers, mostly weaving. For years (and I mean years) I wanted to go to The Mannings Weaving studio in East Berlin, Pa. I finally got my wish. It took my selling my 36" loom to one of my art friends to get me there. Buying my loom prompted her to take a weaving class and this year she invited me to go back to Mannings with her to take another class. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. For anyone interested in weaving and knitting it is the place to go. There are room after room of books, yarn, looms, knitting supplies and weaving supplies. (The only bad thing is that I wanted to buy one of every color!)

We made a double weave blanket. Double weave allows the weaver to make a weaving twice the size of the weaving area. Therefore, on a 36" loom the weaver can weave a 6 foot wide blanket. Since I sold my big loom (for a flex-Shaft and jump ring maker) I'm relegated to using my 12" loom. But with double weave I could weave something 48" wide (since I have 8 harnesses.) I made my blanket as a present for my Mother's birthday in April. If I want to make any more I'll have to go to my friend's house and use my old loom.

But, I guess I'll stick to scarves. I need to get back to jewelry, since that has been my passion now. Sorry for the recent detour to other artistic endeavors, but diversification is good once in awhile. I'm sure it will inspire and influence my jewelry. Back to the studio on Monday and back to work. (After I finish painting my birdhouse for the Rails to Trails fundraiser!)

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