Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy and Sad

My husband and I are feeling mixed emotions today, both happy and sad.

We gave away our bird today. Actually she was my husband's bird but I will miss her too. Savannah was a Moluccan cockatoo. We got her somewhere around nine years ago. Cockatoos need lots of attention and unfortunately we are on the go way too much to give her the attention she needed. So, we decided to give her away. I know she got a good home, so it is for the best. But we are still feeling sad about the whole thing.

Tomorrow I become a student again. I'm heading to The Mannings weaving studio for a four day class in making a double weave blanket. Hopefully that will take my mind off our bird.

After this class, I'll be home for awhile and will get back to the studio with a vengeance. Then this post will get back on track about metal clay.

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heatherandlola said...

Awe - that is sad. I didn't think it would actually happen. I do think it's for the best. She needs and deserves lots of attention. She was a sweet bird. Now - no more animals for you two!!! :)