Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing personal supply

I don't feel comfortable selling something that isn't just right. Every time something goes awry with a piece, I get a new piece of jewelry.

My collection of dichroic pendants is growing (and I only need so many of them.) My latest piece was fine when it came out of the kiln; until about a week later when I noticed a very discernible crack. When the pendant was held upright, the crack was so glaring.

As usual, these problems caused the design gears in my mind to begin cranking. How could I cover the crack to make it less noticeable and still maintain the integrity of the design? It took a while, but I thought I finally figured it out. The curly Q on the glass was the answer. It seemed to cover the crack and complimented the curve of the dragonfly at the same time; suggesting his flight.

With that solved though, I had a new problem, a fine hazy coating of silver on the surface of the glass. That was supposed to be the kiss of death and nothing could be done to solve it. The glass should be cleaned with alcohol before firing to remove any silver. I had cleaned it with water and it looked okay to me. Obviously it wasn't. (Damn these old eyes.) There was way too much silver in this piece not to try something.

So, I sanded the glass with wet sandpaper. It seemed to work. To bring back the shine to the glass, I applied a layer of gloss acrylic made for polymer clay.

To my eyes, it appeared to be a save. But, photographs don't lie (at least ones that haven't been Photoshopped don't.) Anyway, the crack looks as big as ever.

I might try to sell it as an "As Is!" (or add it to my growing collection.)

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