Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gone fishing!

PMC standard has to be fired at 1650 degrees for two hours; nothing less. It also has a 30% shrinkage rate and is the weakest of all the PMC clays.

The high shrinkage rate is nice because a design can be created large and shrunk to a smaller size while keeping all the detail.

If PMC + or PMC3 is applied on top of PMC Standard the piece will curve. I have used this technique in the past with the syringe clay and knew it could be used with the paper clay.

In the Rio Certification class we wove the sheet clay before applying it to PMC Standard. It was best to keep the shapes simple as the curve could distort the shape, so I cut a long oval in half.

I really do like the earrings that I made using this technique but when I look in the mirror they remind me of anchovies or smelt. I think it is the patina that reminds me of that. To my daughter they looked like crescent shaped cookies dusted with powdered sugar. (I think she was hungry. I don't like fish, so I know it has nothing to do with me being hungry!)

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